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Product comparison - smart displays

2 minute read

I bought a Google Home Hub recently, and then followed that up with a 10” Lenovo Smart Display for the living room. Having lived with both, and bought a thir...

Presence detection - update 3

1 minute read

Last time I said that I was probably going to go with the Bayesian sensor for presence detection, but I’ve changed my mind. Why, because of an occasional ed...

Upgrading from 0.75 to 0.80

1 minute read

Today I finally upgraded from 0.75.3 to one of the versions with the new auth, 0.80.0 in this case. I’d delayed the upgrade because I expected some challenge...

Accessing the inaccessible

4 minute read

Updated January 2022 to include details on Cloudflare’s tunnel service, and Oracle’s free VM offering.

Home Assistant cloud goes paid

1 minute read

The Home Assistant developers have just announced that the cloud services will shortly require payment. If you’re currently using the cloud services during ...