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Zigbee (and Home Assistant)

7 minute read

So, you’re using Home Assistant and want to use Zigbee, but Home Assistant’s own documentation doesn’t really explain Zigbee, so you’re a bit confused. What ...

Presence detection, the final countdown?

2 minute read

The last time I said that I didn’t think there was more I could do. I was wrong. My use of monitor hasn’t changed, and I’ll leave the config for that below.

Messing with meshing

2 minute read

Back when I started with home automation, Z-Wave was the obvious choice for sensors, smart sockets. You could mix and match any brand of device, and controll...

The great migration - part two

1 minute read

Well, that was less exciting than I’d feared. The first stage is done. Z-Wave is running on the Pi, and everything else runs on the VM, communicating over M...

My great migration - part one

2 minute read

I’ve been running Home Assistant on my Pi3 since I started with HA, back in January 2017. I’d chosen a Z-Wave GPIO hat over a USB stick (amongst other things...