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Moving from Wink to Home Assistant?

3 minute read

I suspect a number of people are looking at leaving Wink right now, in light of the recent announcement. Some of you will be looking at Home Assistant and wo...

Presence detection, one last time?

16 minute read

Well, it’s been a while, but I think that, finally, I’ve stopped changing things. It’s been a while since I needed to account for another edge case, so here ...

Zigbee (and Home Assistant)

7 minute read

So, you’re using Home Assistant and want to use Zigbee, but Home Assistant’s own documentation doesn’t really explain Zigbee, so you’re a bit confused. What ...

Presence detection, the final countdown?

2 minute read

The last time I said that I didn’t think there was more I could do. I was wrong. My use of monitor hasn’t changed, and I’ll leave the config for that below.