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Cloudflare tunnels with authentication

4 minute read

I mentioned before that I was using Traefik, what I didn’t say is that I was also using Authentik for authentication. Sometimes as forward auth (providing au...

Limited remote access for Home Assistant

2 minute read

I mentioned on the Home Assistant forum about allowing access to only the bits you need, and that I do this for the mobile app. I didn’t mention what that me...

WiFi sensor into device tracker

1 minute read

Something that makes for a great home/away tracker is the Android app’s connected WiFi sensor, or at least it would if it was a device tracker.

YAML sections

less than 1 minute read

NB: I’ve added this here as the knowledge has been removed from the official documentation.

Zigbee tips

5 minute read

There’s a number of things that come up regularly that folks new to Zigbee may not know, so here’s a handy set of notes and links.