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Zigbee tips

5 minute read

There’s a number of things that come up regularly that folks new to Zigbee may not know, so here’s a handy set of notes and links.

Smart home or home automation

3 minute read

We often talk about the smart home and home automation as if those terms are interchangeable, but they’re (mostly) not.

Presence detection - here we go again?

15 minute read

The music won’t be as good, but here we go again. I’ve made a number of updates to this logic since I last wrote about it.

Blog migration (2022)

less than 1 minute read

If you’re reading this you’re looking at the new home of my blog. I’m moving off of Blogger and over to Jekyll, possibly on GitHub pages possibly on Cloudfla...

Traefik and a remote Home Assistant

2 minute read

I’ve been playing with Traefik lately, for remote access for various things in my Docker stack, and I decided to see if it was possible to also use it for Ho...