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Which Home Assistant install is right for me?

1 minute read

There are many, many ways of installing Home Assistant, and the choice can be confusing. Here’s my very short take on what you’d want to use, and why:

LetsEncrypt with Home Assistant

1 minute read

Many people want to have remote access to their Home Assistant system, whether for an API (eg Google Assistant), or simply to be able to check on their home ...

Backing up

less than 1 minute read

Note: When originally written there was no native backup for Home Assistant OS ( as it was then). Things have come a long way since and there are b...

Choosing a platform

2 minute read

I’ll open with noting that I use Home Assistant, but that doesn’t mean you should. Here are some of the things you should be considering when choosing the he...

Backing up Home Assistant

5 minute read

It was suggested on the Home Assistant Discord channel that I write a simple step by step for backing up your Home Assistant configuration.